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What if Amazon was a dating service?

Some users use platforms not conceived for dating, such as Linkedin or even Wallapop, to ‘throw the rod’. What has not been seen to date is that someone could also think of Amazon as a possible contact tool.

However, it is what a group of artists and creatives has done. Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, Morgan Gruer and the Thinko Animation Studio firm have been in charge of materializing what at first only seemed like a crazy idea. This is how Amazon Dating was born, a fake dating website that Jeff Bezos could have created and that can be visited at

In the Amazon Dating catalog there are users of all ages. They can be found from young people with 18 or 19 years to grandparents of almost 90. For each card you can read the name, the height and even some labels that speak of their personality or how it has turned out. The architects of the project also appear.

Recommended products and offers of the day

The page has great detail to resemble the original as much as possible and not only aesthetically, but also in terms of functionality. For example, some users have been selected with the Amazon Choice’s badge, which the e-commerce platform includes in some specially recommended products in a category or range. There are also the best sellers or best sellers. There is even a Deals of the Day section, in which they are posted to people who ‘are a match’.

Obviously, the classic reviews and ratings shown on Amazon could not be missing either. At the end of each service file you can see the scores that supposed ‘clients’ have left and their comments. “I finally found a woman who listens and can be controlled. It’s just a joke. Excellent ”, says a review. “It is very small, but it works magically in some way … I’m afraid it has magical powers,” reads another text.

The reproduction is so faithful that you can even pretend that you are going to make a purchase by clicking on the Add to Cart or Buy Now button (in English). If you confirm it, you will even receive a hypothetical order number for your order. Do not worry because you do not provide any form of payment and the ‘purchase’ is not actually being made in any way.

You too can appear on Amazon Dating

Anyone who wants to can be ‘offered’ as a ‘product’ on Amazon Dating. To make the request it is necessary to provide a series of data, such as name, an email account, an Instagram profile, a small personal description and a photo. Just enough with that. Thus, it is also possible to ask another person such as a friend or relative to join the catalog if you want to make a joke.

On the other hand, the creators of Amazon Dating also allow you to share each ‘request’ that you make in the service on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to continue the fun.

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