FunWhat is and how the human mind works

What is and how the human mind works

The mind is essentially a system of communication and control between the spiritual being or the person himself) and his environment. The mind is made up of mental images that are records of past experiences, but it is something much more complex that is divided between the conscious and the subconscious without forgetting its close relationship with the brain. So let’s see in detail what the human mind is and how it works.

What is and how the human mind works

The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe so to understand in what sense it is related to the mind or if both concepts are the same, we can think of an example that will clearly allow you to what mind and brain correspond to.

Imagine that you have a computer in your head that controls everything you do:

  • Your brain is the hardware , that’s the physical box. Your brain has all the electrical connections, wiring, storage, memory, and processing power it needs to function as a human being.
  • If your brain is the hardware, then your mind is the software. The operating system would then be capable of collecting, storing and managing information, using all the resources that your brain has to carry out massive processing of all this.

In reality, your brain and mind are inseparable: they are part of the same entity and one cannot function without the other.

Your brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, that make up your central nervous system . These neurons transmit and receive electrochemical signals, which are basically your thoughts, emotions, actions, and the automatic functions of your body.

But in turn, your thoughts are generated by your mind, which as we said, is like the software of your brain that actually has different layers of consciousness.

The conscious mind

Scientists believe that your conscious mind makes up less than 10% of the mind’s total operating power. Your conscious mind is responsible for:

  • Gather data
  • Evaluate and process the data you are collecting
  • Find patterns and make comparisons
  • Make decisions and give orders
  • Allow you to respond rationally to situations (instead of reacting instinctively)
  • Control your short-term memory
  • When something is in your conscious mind, it is deliberate and you are ‘aware’ of it.

The unconscious mind

The other 90% of your software is your unconscious understanding. It feels unavailable, because you are not aware but it is immensely powerful.

  • It allows you to perform the vast majority of functions in your body, for example, breathing , digestion, sleep, heart rate, temperature control, all without having to lift a finger (and it also controls you).
  • It protects you by trying to maintain the “order” of your own conscience, it is the reason why sometimes if you face a change you feel bad. Your own unconsciousness takes you back to what gives you security.
  • It is where your emotions reside.
  • It’s where your imagination and creativity come from.
  • It is also where your habits are created and maintained.
  • Your subconscious mind obeys the instructions of your conscious mind.
  • It makes you react automatically when something threatens you: you can run or freeze or when your fight or flight response kicks in.
  • Store and retrieve longer-term memories.

As we have already said, the unconscious mind is not rational. He is non-judgmental and cannot distinguish between right and wrong , good or bad. You simply accept what is said or shown as true, regardless of the veracity of the information. Then you automatically think, feel, and behave in a way that is consistent with that truth.

So why is it important to understand how your mind works?

Because ultimately, that knowledge gives you much more control over how to use the combined power of your conscious and unconscious minds to think in a way that is healthier, more flexible, resilient, and supports your goals.

The benefits include better self-esteem, far fewer emotional disturbances, and a much greater ability to achieve what you want in life.

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