FunWhat is 'impressioning'? The new technique of thieves to...

What is 'impressioning'? The new technique of thieves to break into houses

Agents of the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of the Higher Police Headquarters of La Rioja have detected a new method that thieves use to enter homes without forcing the lock . It is what is known as ‘impressioning’ and the La Rioja Higher Police Headquarters, on the occasion of the Prevention Campaign of the General Directorate of the Police ‘Plan against theft in homes and storage rooms’, warns of this technique.

But what exactly does it consist of? The thieves insert deformable aluminum rods into the lock. In this way, when the owner inserts his key, a mold is formed that remains inside the lock . Then, with a master key that fits into the shape of the mold, they open the door without having to force the lock, which greatly complicates the collection of evidence by the police.

The ‘impressioning’ is very similar to ‘bumping ‘. In both cases the thieves obtain copies of the keys without needing the original. In addition, they do not leave any type of trace by not having to pick the lock.

In the last operations carried out by this Superior Headquarters, the agents have seized different tools, as well as deformable aluminum rods and picks .

What methods do thieves use?

For its part, the National Police warns of the different methods that thieves use to check if the door of the house is opened frequently or is closed for several days .

One of the most frequent is the placement of small wooden sticks supported between the door and the floor . They go unnoticed and, when the door is opened, they fall. There are also thieves who install small clear plastic clips between the frame and the door.

Another of the methods most used today is that of the silicone threads between the door and the doorway . They look like a spider web, and if they don’t break, thieves know that no one is in and out of the house.

What thieves are looking for is that the markers remain intact for several days . This means that the home is empty and, therefore, when they enter to rob, they do not run the risk of being surprised.