FunWhat is the meaning of the colors?

What is the meaning of the colors?

From a very young age we learn to draw and color and to mix to obtain the various tones. But what is the meaning of the colors ? What is clear is that there is great diversity in the use of colors and the social and moral associations between different cultures.

Throughout history, this has varied. For example, we can affirm that, in the Middle Ages, the use of colors divided the Catholic Church. Michel Pastoureau names chromophobes those who believe that colors represent vile matter and are a useless artifice added by man. Linked to the above, the white color is that of divinity.

During the Middle Ages, white, yellow, red, green, blue and black stand out above all.

What is the meaning of the colors?


Among the most prominent colors is red, a primary color that has given a good concept throughout history.

It is the warm color par excellence and is always associated with love and passion, but in daily life it is in many places such as traffic stop signs and many times it means prohibition or alert.


This other primary color is recognized for its nature and is now credited with everything related to sustainability. It has always meant hope.


As a primary and cold color, we associate it with the blue of the sea and the sky. Provides serenity and stability.


It is purity and faith. In addition to cleanliness, brides traditionally marry in white for that halo of virginity that surrounds this important tone.


Although in some religions and cultures it is linked to the mysterious and negative, it is clear that it is a color of death and funeral. Well, tradition marks dressing in this color when someone dies in mourning.


It is another primary color that we know very well, it is also linked to relaxation, peace, sun and joy. We see it in traffic, both in transport and in various signs.


This color is linked to insecurity, depression or lack of energy.


In general, it is geared towards seriousness, warmth, and support, but it has many other meanings.


It is a beautiful color that is linked to spirituality and vitality. But it is also true that it represents luxury and some ostentation.


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