FunWhat time do the plants grow?

What time do the plants grow?

Researchers from the Spanish Institute of Molecular and Cellular Plant Biology (IBMCP), together with scientists from the University of California (USA), haveelucidated the mechanism that regulates plant growth depending on the time of day. Plants do not grow continuously throughout the day, but rather concentrate growth preferably at the end of the night and the beginning of the day, and then spend the rest of the time carrying out photosynthesis and redistributing the energy resources generated.

CSIC scientist Miguel Blázquez explained that “it is known that the rhythmic pattern of daily growth depends on the functioning of an internal clock that all plant cells have”. Likewise, it has pointed out that some hormones were known,giberelinas, which “are essential for plant cells to expand.” However, “it was not known until now how the clock and gibberellins are coupled to generate a robust growth pattern,” he said.

Their study reveals thatthe clock determines that the presence of gibberellin receptors in cells oscillates rhythmically, with lows during the day, and highs at night. “In this way, the plants are more sensitive to gibberellins at the end of the night, and that is when the plants grow”, has indicated Miguel Blázquez. One of the most striking results that the research describes is that a mutant plant in which the gibberellin signaling pathway is permanently active loses rhythmic control of growth: it grows continuously throughout the day, and the final size of the plants is also older. The findings could be used in agriculture and plant production.

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