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WhatsApp can be used on four different devices at the same time

WhatsApp does not support access from multiple devices; is a private messaging app and the information shared through this app is end-to-end encrypted, which means that no one except yourself and the recipients can access the information remotely. In theory, only one account in this app can be accessed from one device at any given time.

Unlike other communication services, WhatsApp uses the phone number as an identifier. This is an interesting strategy, but it does carry some restrictions. For example, it is not possible to have the application running on a smartphone without a SIM card (only through the web application by scanning a QR code with the mobile). It was a handicap for the popular instant messaging app. But it seems that those responsible for the service are already taking care of developing this functionality and it will soon be possible to have WhatsApp running on four different devices at the same time.


Access multiple devices simultaneously

According to the WaBetainfo website, which closely follows everything related to this application, WhatsApp will work on four different devices with the same account. In fact, the company has been testing compatibility with multiple devices for quite some time and it seems that there is little time left before we can see it become a reality.

WABetaInfo stated after the launch of this new feature that it will allow users to use WhatsApp on up to four devices for the same account that it is possible for the device to use WiFi to synchronize data between the four devices in question. WhatsApp is expected to launch a similar option for users who work on their phone networks as well.

It should be noted that WhatsApp had launched the WhatsApp web support feature a few years ago, but this feature is only available when the main device is connected to the Internet (if it is offline, it does not work) and it also requires device authentication. The new feature that supports multiple devices could be extended to different and varied devices in such a way that it would also include iPads, for example.

Whatever the final product, it is clear that if WhatsApp makes this move, many users will be delighted, as it is a functionality that has been claimed for a long time.

This feature is still in development and it is not known exactly when it will be released. In the same way, WhatsApp is also preparing to serve a new feature for the app that will allow users to search based on dates. This quality has also been detected by the WABetaInfo website.

WhatsApp, which has been owned by Facebook for years, is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world . According to the data of this 2020, this platform brings together more than 2,000 million users around the world, a significant number compared to all the alternatives that exist, such as Telegram, Signal, Line or WeChat.


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