NewsWhatsapp-Hammer: New functions for 2022 affect 66 million Germans...

Whatsapp-Hammer: New functions for 2022 affect 66 million Germans alone

WhatsApp is set to change a lot in 2022. In addition to a long-awaited change, new functions for voice messages should also inspire users.

Munich – The WhatsApp messenger service has been extremely popular worldwide for years. In Germany, too, many smartphone owners use the app to communicate with friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

According to the “Digital 2021 Germany Report” that WeAreSocial and Hootsuite published in January 2021, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media platforms in this country. A total of 79.6 percent of Germans used it – that corresponds to a total population of 83 million, around 66 million people.

New WhatsApp functions for 2022: Update enables emoji reactions like on Facebook

New functions for WhatsApp will be added to this huge number of users in 2022. According to the portal, an update should make using WhatsApp more pleasant for users in many ways. We have summarized the most important new functions.

Accordingly, WhatsApp wants to make it possible in the future, among other things, that you can react directly to individual messages in chats via emoji. Previously, you had to write a new message including an emoji in this case. The direct emoji reaction has been known to social media users for years from Facebook (“like-me-thumbs”) or Instagram (like by heart). Now WhatsApp also wants to offer this option.

Das Logo von WhatsApp auf einem Smartphone-Display


WhatsApp will offer new functions in 2022.

In addition, the user experience should also improve when sending images. So far, images have lost a lot of quality when they are sent via WhatsApp – due to a preset in the app, their data size was automatically reduced. Therefore, one or the other user shrank from forwarding his photos and snapshots via the messaging service. This should end with the new update.

In future, all WhatsApp users will be able to choose the image quality with which they want to send their photos. There are three options to choose from: “Automatic”, “Best Quality” or “Data Saving Mode”.

New WhatsApp functions: listen to voice messages outside of the chat and press the pause button

Many WhatsApp users now prefer to use the voice function to send their messages. Especially when no hand is free to type. And here, too, it should be more comfortable. In the previous WhatsApp version, you had to listen to a voice message in the respective chat and could not leave it. Otherwise, the corresponding voice message stopped immediately. With the new update, you should be able to continue listening to voice messages in the future and switch to another chat at the same time.

Recording a voice message is also simplified with the WhatsApp update. There is finally a pause button. This enables a recorded voice message to be interrupted, but temporarily stores what has been said up to that point. The voice message that has been started can therefore be finalized and sent at a later point in time.

New WhatsApp functions for 2022: group chats can be combined

In addition, the most important changes to WhatsApp for 2022 also affect group chats. A new community should make it possible to combine several group chats under one roof. This would make administration easier for administrators. The different group chats could then communicate with each other.

When using WhatsApp, users should continue to be careful in the future. Because: If you do something specific, the account will be blocked. (kh) is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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