FunWhen will the Sun explode and what will happen...

When will the Sun explode and what will happen after its death?

It is inevitable for many of us, when we are embraced by its solar rays, to ask ourselves what would happen if that star that warms and illuminates everything, was not ever there. Indeed, if you want to know when the Sun will explode and what could happen, better read on.

Of course, before talking about the end of the Astro Rey, it would be convenient to analyze its beginning, the same one that, according to scientific evidence, occurred about 4.5 billion years ago, when it was born as a star with internal fuel, the same thanks to the which life is possible.

The point is that, over time, this fuel continues to burn, and there is no doubt that it will be completely consumed, since it is the same process that the other stars follow. Then, the far point will come where the sun explodes , cools down, and gets smaller.

In fact, the phenomenon will be quite spectacular for anyone who can witness it, because once it stops generating helium from the constant fusion of hydrogen atoms in its nucleus, it will die as such, merging atoms and expanding in size, until reaching Earth orbit. .

Basically, at that moment the Sun is going to engulf the Earth , like any other celestial body that crosses its path, and although in principle humanity does not have to worry about that spectacle, because living conditions will have changed long before, we cannot assure that technological and scientific advances do not allow some kind of different, advanced existence.

The latest studies on the matter agree that the Sun will become, before its final state, a ring of gas and luminous dust, what is known as a “planetary nebula”.

After engulfing the Earth, and probably the rest of the planets, and before transforming into a white dwarf, as dead stars are called, the Sun can slowly turn off or, as we have titled the news, explode, affecting this galaxy. and all the nearby ones.

So on the question when the Sun will explode, it is not known exactly, although these two alternative endings are, as we have explained, the same ones that most stars have today, so it should not surprise us at all that this ends. his days.

Beyond that, there is no possibility that we will participate in the event, and it is certain that, for a long time before its end seems close, human beings will try to colonize other planets, as is the case today with projects to fly. towards Mars.

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