NewsWhite Christmas: Forecasts give hope for snow in NRW

White Christmas: Forecasts give hope for snow in NRW

Snow at Christmas – that hasn’t existed in NRW for a long time. The forecast of the German Weather Service gives hope. In some places it could turn white.

Hamm – Snowflake, White Skirt – when do you come with snow? Many people ask themselves this question from the popular Christmas carol around the holidays. Snow at Christmas is rare; The last time there was a white Christmas in North Rhine-Westphalia * was in 2010. The German Weather Service (DWD) has now issued a forecast for the weather in NRW at Christmas 2021 – and that gives hope, reveals *.

According to the experts at, the reason for the possible snowfall is an air mass limit. A so-called air mass limit is active over the north of Germany and will migrate further south on Saturday, reports *. At an air mass limit, cold air from Scandinavia and milder sea air from Western Europe collide directly – and that is currently happening directly over Germany. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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