News"Who is that?": Beautiful Estefania Wollny not recognized by...

"Who is that?": Beautiful Estefania Wollny not recognized by her own fans

Well, who is that? Estefania Wollny fans had to look twice at their latest Instagram post to even recognize the 19-year-old. Because the TV star used a beauty filter that changed Estefania’s face extremely.

Ratheim – Through the RTL2 show “The Wollnys – a terribly big family”, Silvia Wollny and her eleven children became known throughout Germany. Since then, they have not only given their fans an insight into their extended family within their TV format, but also on Instagram. But Estefania Wollny (19) is hardly recognizable in her latest picture, as reported by

Estefania Wollny takes off as a singer

Estefania Wollny is currently doing extremely well. She inspires her fans not only with her weight loss, but also with her singing. A few weeks ago she released her hit “Brandneu”, which is also well received by her followers.

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Silvia Wollny’s daughter has also built up a large community on Instagram – over 400,000 people are already following her. But with her recently published picture, her fans had to look twice to even recognize Estefania.

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Estefania Wollny causes horror with a beauty filter

Beauty filters make you a completely different person – Estefania definitely proved that in her new post. Not only do the lips of the 19-year-old look much fuller, but the cheekbones also stand out extremely. A picture that is currently shocking many fans.

Fans erkennen Estefania Wollny auf Instagram nicht mehr wieder


Fans no longer recognize Estefania Wollny on Instagram

“Who is that?” comments a fan on the black and white snapshot of the Wollny daughter. I wouldn’t have recognized her!?!” adds another, while a third opines, “Why are you using the filter! You are such a pretty woman! You don’t have to.”

Loredana Wollny is also unrecognizable

Will Estefania take the words of her fans to heart and leave her hands off exaggerated beauty filters in the future? We are excited! Her sister Loredana Wollny recently appeared completely changed on Instagram.

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