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“Who is that supposed to be?”: Loredana Wollny suddenly has completely different hair

Loredana Wollny probably didn’t expect that. The 18-year-old shares a new photo of herself after a makeover. But her own fans can’t recognize her.

Ratheim – Loredana Wollny (18) has really dressed up. But the transformation of the influencer seems too big, because not even her own fans can recognize her, as reported by

Loredana Wollny shows herself in a completely new look

Most recently, her sisters caused a lot of discussion on the net with their radical customer successes. Now it is Silvia Wollny’s youngest daughter, Loredana, who is the subject of conversation. Because the 18-year-old has styled herself quite a bit: thanks to new highlights in her hair, Wallawalla’s mane and professional make-up, she has changed quite a bit.

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A makeover that many of her 280,000 fans celebrate, but which also leaves some quite baffled. “Who is that supposed to be?” asks a follower. “If the name wasn’t above it, I wouldn’t recognize her anymore,” the next person is amazed and another finds: “It doesn’t look like you at all.”

Loredana Wollny not recognized by her own fans after a makeover

“I almost didn’t recognize Loredana either,” agrees the next commentator. Did Loredana expect such reactions? It will be interesting to see which looks she surprises her fans with next.

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Loredana Wollny’s fans can hardly recognize her after her makeover

Wollny fans are also blown away by Loredana’s big sister Estefania (19). The singer recently inspired audiences with her latest hit.

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