EconomyFinancialWho was Rogerio Azcárraga Madero, founder of Grupo Formula?

Who was Rogerio Azcárraga Madero, founder of Grupo Formula?

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero, the founder of Grupo Formula, died today at the age of 94. The news was confirmed by the company he founded in the late 1960s.

“Don Rogerio Azcárraga Madero, founding president of GRUPO FÓRMULA, passed away this Tuesday,” the company wrote on its web platform.

Azcárraga Madero was born on June 6, 1927 in Mexico City, where he studied for a degree in Business Administration at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. But his interest in culture and music led him to found Discos Orfeón in 1958 to promote Mexican music.

Under this label, he promoted the careers of singer-songwriters and composers who marked the music scene in the 50s and 60s, such as Lola Beltrán, Luis Aguilar, Los Locos del Ritmo, Los Rebeldes del Rock, Los Hermanos Carrión, César Costa and Enrique Guzmán. , among others.

In 2020, Rogerio Azcárraga was involved in a controversy with the singer Lupita D’Alessio for the collection of royalties from all his albums since the beginning of his career. The singer recently regained the rights to her repertoire.

Grupo Formula began its history as a communication medium in 1968 under the name of Radio Distrito Federal with a musical programming to introduce Rock’n Roll in Mexico, supported by its company Discos Orfeón, which was founded in 1958.

The Mexican businessman promoted the news bar programming model within the company, which is currently one of the most relevant in public opinion in the country.

At the end of the 1980s, Radio Distrito Federal changed radically, as it went from being a musical medium to transmitting programs on News, Sports, Women’s Barra, Finance and Entertainment, this as part of the vision and business drive of Rogerio Azcarraga Madero.

The change in programming achieved a positive acceptance by radio listeners, for this reason, it was decided to create the National Coverage (now Radio Formula States) in 1994, with the formation of three National Networks, which transmit the programs of Our Great Personalities.

In 2000 Grupo Formula decided to promote TeleFórmula as a new opportunity for new digital signal transmission technologies, to present content proposals generated from radio booths.

Radio Formula States currently has more than one hundred stations in the Mexican Republic and recently entered the Hispanic market in the United States of America.

The news of the death of Rogerio Azcárrraga was confirmed by the company and generated dozens of messages from personalities from politics and entertainment.

The National Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry also lamented the death of Rogerio Azcárraga whom it described as “an endearing element in the industry.”

The journalist José Cárdenas lamented the death of the founder of the medium in which he works.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Arturo Zaldívar; the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, and PRI senator Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, also wrote messages of condolences for the death of the Mexican businessman.

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