FunWhy do cars drive on the left in England?

Why do cars drive on the left in England?

Although we all know that in the UK people drive on the left, few people know the real reason for this or why this is considered to be the right way for everyone to drive. We now ask ourselves the question, Why do cars drive on the left in England? and we give you an answer.

Why do cars drive on the left in England?

In answering why driving in England is on the left rather than the right, we would have to take into account both historical and engineering factors.

If we take into account the historical reasons, the origins of driving on the left date back to the Middle Ages , when Pope Boniface VIII in 1300 AD declared that all pilgrims going to Rome had to take the left side of the road. At the same time, the habit, already widespread among the population of the time, of riding a horse holding the reins with the left hand was reinforced, in order to use the sword more easily with the right hand to defend themselves from possible aggressions.

Later, the development of more cumbersome means of transport led to the idea of driving on the right side of the road, promoting the greater maneuverability that this entailed during urban traffic. Something that finally prevailed, thanks to the French Revolution, when Robespierre forced all citizens to start moving on the right side of the road, as a sign of defiance to the Catholic Church and the aristocrats who had kept moving to the left. . A few years later, Napoleon extended this custom to almost all the countries occupied by his armies.

Going to the strictly mechanical point of view , we must refer to the assembly of the first cars, where the handbrake was initially placed outside the right side of the chassis , requiring the consequent positioning of the driver’s seat. However, as mechanical engineering progressed, the handbrake was inserted inside the cabin itself, in a central position, allowing the left-hand drive position to be implemented.

What other countries drive on the left?

In this way, the United Kingdom remained driving on the left but although they have somehow popularized this way of driving, or it is in fact something with which they are always related, they are not the only country that circulates on the left since it is also made in India, Australia, South Africa and Japan.