FunWhy do chimpanzees have more chromosomes than we do?

Why do chimpanzees have more chromosomes than we do?

As we all know, the number of human chromosomes is 23 pairs, that is, 46 chromosomes . Chimpanzees , our closest cousins, are 48 and why is not very clear. But perhaps what is not so well known is that, until the middle of the 20th century, scientists believed that we had 48. The one who undid the mess was a young man born in Java, Joe Hin Tjio, an expert in plant genetics. Since 1948, Tjio led a team in cytogenetics in Zaragoza, but on vacation he would go to Sweden to do research at the Institute of Genetics. During the Christmas holidays of 1955, Tjio, working with lung tissue from human embryos, discovered the error. From then on it was known that the human being has 46 chromosomes instead of 48, as previously thought.

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The human genome has one chromosome less than that of the great apes, chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas: they have 24 pairs and we have 23.