FunWhy does alcohol make us lower the bar?

Why does alcohol make us lower the bar?

The idea is widespread that alcohol makes us see everyone more attractive than they are . In 2003, scientists from the University of Glasgow tried to verify what is true in that effect that the Anglo-Saxons call beer goggles – something like the chiribitas of beer. They approached people in pubs with a few too many drinks and asked them to evaluate the beauty of various people portrayed in some photos. The result was devastating: all of them found them more beautiful than other respondents who had not raised the elbow.

But was alcohol really the cause of that rapturous state or is it simply that regular drinkers are more benevolent when it comes to judging human beauty? A team from the University of Bristol confirmed in another study the unquestionable truth: the effect of alcohol beautifies everyone, whatever their gender .

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