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Why is Amazon's cloud giving so much trouble? It already has three interruptions this month

AWS, the major provider of Amazon web services, has been experiencing problems for several weeks due to various power outages, which are affecting services such as Slack, Imgur and the Epic Games online store for some users. The most common issues are that mo pages look fine for those who are working from home, some Slack users are unable to view or upload images, and the Asana work management tool is also being affected by outages.

Problems due to power outages

The official AWS Service Health Dashboard attributed the issues to power outages in various data centers in various regions of the planet, which has been affecting various Availability Zones of the online service. In all the incidents, Amazon has assured that it had restored power to those servers that had been affected , and that it had “restored the underlying connectivity in the majority of the remaining systems”. However, some users of the aforementioned platforms may continue to experience issues as servers are restarted and affected web services are restored.

In the last two months, Amazon has reported up to three of these failures . Little more than twelve hours after the problems began, at the beginning of October, the e-commerce giant notified the problem as resolved and apologized to all those users who were affected. However, this restoration did not solve all the failures that had interrupted the connection of the servers involved. The AWS Service Status web page explains in detail the issues experienced by these Amazon servers.

A problem that persists

Basically, these reports explain the nature of the incident and its scope. In an incident update at the time of the outages, Slack said its services were “experiencing issues with file uploads, message editing, and other services.” Asana said the issues constituted a ” major outage ” and that “many of our users were unable to access Asana.” The Epic Games Store said “internet service outages” were “impacting logins, library, purchases, etc.”

Of the affected services, it appears that much of them are back up, even as Amazon’s full system restore continues.

It is the third time in as many weeks that the problems with AWS have had a significant effect on online services, thus affecting users. Two incidents earlier this month involving AWS ended up taking down a wide variety of platforms and products, taking down streaming sites like Netflix and Disney Plus, as well as smart home devices like security cameras or voice recognition devices like Alexa. The interruptions have continued to occur although it seems that they are not widespread, but they are still quite noticeable

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