FunWill the blondes disappear?

Will the blondes disappear?

The current intense migratory flow from one country to another encourages the fusion of races and cultures. Of this laudable miscegenation, it is the blondes who come off the worst. Anthropologists estimate that golden hair is doomed to disappear. The explanation lies in genetics: the gene for black hair is dominant , while that for blonde is recessive. Thus, in a mixed couple where one of the members is blonde and the other is dark, the children with black hair will predominate. Proof of this dominance is that in the last 30 years the proportion of blond people in the Nordic countries has been reduced by half. In fact, it is estimated that within 200 years the last blonde will be born in Finland.

Oldest Known Neanderthal Family Discovered

They have identified the remains of a father, his teenage daughter and two 59,000-year-old relatives in a cave in Russia thanks to DNA.

Are we subjected by our genes?

Are we what we are because of our genes or because of the environment in which we have been raised? This question generates a heated debate among scientists, the answer to which is often highly politically charged.

Metahumans exist and are among us

There are people who, despite being genetically programmed to get sick due to a mutation in one of their genes, do not show symptoms or get sick.

Why do sea dragons look so weird?

They appear to be adorned with leaves, they have no ribs or teeth, and their spines are twisted. The reason for its appearance could be the lack of some genes.

This is how little separates us (genetically) from chimpanzees

The human genome has one chromosome less than that of the great apes, chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas: they have 24 pairs and we have 23.