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Will the monarchy wobble after the death of the Queen? Windsor expert fears debate: "By no means a perfect empire"

Created: 09/13/2022 Updated: 09/13/2022 1:04 p.m

Früher Prinz Charles, nun König Charles III.: Der Thronfolger wirkt sichtlich mitgenommen nach dem Tod seiner Mutter
Formerly Prince Charles, now King Charles III.: The heir to the throne looks visibly upset after the death of his mother. © Paul ELLIS / AFP

Queen Elizabeth II is dead, long live the king. A Windsor expert speaks about Charles III’s legacy. – and the Commonwealth of Nations. The news ticker.

  • After the death of Queen Elizabeth II . is King Charles III. now head of state in 14 countries.
  • British royal family is confronted with its past. Is a break required?
  • The news ticker on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and mourning in Great Britain is continuously updated.

Update from September 13, 12:57 p.m .: King Charles III. has only been on the British throne for a few days. After the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th, the crown passed to the eternal heir to the throne, who is already facing criticism. His royal promotion was also a topic of conversation at the 2022 Emmy Awards – and not in a good way.

Queen Elizabeth II dies: Colonialism and Commonwealth debate

Original article from September 13, 2022:

London – Andrew Morton is considered an insider with ties to the British royal family. He even wrote the sensational autobiography of the late Lady Diana. The British Royals expert comments on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and her heir to the throne, King Charles III.

The 69-year-old tells an anecdote about the dismay of King Charles III. in the days after his mother’s death in Scotland: “Only Charles and Princess Anne drove to Balmoral in time to sit on the Queen’s deathbed.” In England’s capital London, however, Morton’s daughter met Prince Charles on a tour: “She saw his red eyes and that he was clearly crying,” Morton elaborates.

After the death of the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the “British Empire” may be facing a major upheaval. Andrew Morton agrees: “It is clear that Queen Elizabeth’s death will now trigger debates (…). In Australia, Canada and some Caribbean countries there will be debates as to whether Charles should remain head of state.” So the influence in terms of the Commonwealth of Nations could be fading.

British royal family: Insults because of colonial times – Royals expert defends Queen

In the course of the change of power in Great Britain, the dark days of colonization came back to the fore: “The British were by no means a perfect empire,” says Morton. Military action “with indiscriminate bombardments of the population would be considered a war crime by today’s standards”. In his opinion, however, that does not justify the numerous insults against post-colonial activists, which rained down on the British royal family after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 69-year-old also considers the accusation of racism against the royal family to be unjustified: “There is nothing to suggest it, there is not even a concrete indication,” explains Morton and accuses TV presenter Oprah Winfrey of making the accusation in an interview with Duchess Meghan not having questioned: “I think it was an oversight on Oprah. Anyone who knew the Queen personally says very clearly that skin color never played a role for her.” and classes.”

Thousands of people are expected in London in the coming days to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II. How does national mourning affect tourists?

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