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Willi Herren: Sister Anna-Maria and son Stefano break the silence

About a month ago, “Celebrities under palm trees” star Willi Herren was found lifeless in his apartment. Now son Stefano and sister Anna-Maria take a position.

Cologne – Difficult weeks lie behind Willi Herren’s family. The entertainer died on April 20 at the age of 45 in his Cologne apartment. The cause of death is still unclear. Events come thick and fast: Herren’s apartment is robbed and his recently opened potato food truck went up in flames. Now sister Anna-Maria Herren and son Stefano Fazzi, who bears his mother’s last name Mirella Fazzi, break their silence for the first time.

Entertainer: Willi gentlemen
Born: June 17, 1975, Cologne
Died: April 20, 2021, Mülheim, Cologne
Spouse: Jasmin Herren (married 2018-2021)
Children: Alessia Herren, Stefano Herren
Siblings. Anna-Maria Herren

Willi Herren dies at the age of 45 – Sister Anna-Maria found out about her brother’s death through the media

While daughter Alessia Herren let her grief run wild after the surprising death of her father on April 20 and repeatedly remembers her deceased daddy with shared Instagram pictures, sister Anna-Maria and son Stefano wrapped themselves in the cloak of silence – until now .

“Our relationship was amazing. Willi was everything to me, he was my brother, my best friend, ”Anna-Maria explains tearfully in an RTL interview. The two lived just five minutes apart and saw each other almost every day. “If we haven’t seen each other, we talked on the phone” – until his unexpected death.

Especially bad for her: She found out about her brother’s death, not from the family, as perhaps expected, but through a call from the press.

Stefano und Alessia posieren vor dem Reibekuchen-Foodtruck. Im Vordergrund lächelt Willi Herren in die Kamera. (


Sister Anna-Maria and son Stefano mourn Willi Herren. ( assembly)

Because while the news that Willi Herren was found lifeless in his apartment went viral, Anna-Maria was in the hospital and underwent nuclear medicine, radioactive therapy. She had previously received a call from her grandson asking how she was doing.

“At that moment I got another phone call, only with an unknown number. And then I said to my grandson: ‘Oh, I’ll answer it, if that’s Willi’ ”. But despite all hope, there was only a journalist on the other end of the line instead of her beloved brother.

Clinic drama – Willi Herren’s sister is being held in hospital

“He said he just wanted to know whether my brother, Willi Herren, was dead, whether that was true. I fell over, then I lay there, ”the sister remembers about the moment that was to turn her life upside down forever.

Particularly bitter: Since Anna-Maria Herren was still emitting radioactive radiation for several days because of the therapy, she was forbidden to leave the clinic: “I couldn’t see my family. I had to deal with it all by myself for three days and three nights. ”On site, both her mobile phone and television were taken away from her so that she would not hear of the media hype that was raging outside the doors of the hospital.

Concern for Willi Herren – son Stefano alerts the police on the day of his death

The death of his father was also a shock for Willi’s son Stefano. It was he who called the police * when he could not reach his father and he did not open the door for him, as reported by “I knocked on the door, called him to get up. I yelled, I yelled I noticed that something was wrong. Because my father always opens the door for me, ”says Stefano Herren, describing the agonizing minutes outside the front door. Then the fire brigade broke open the door: “And then they found him there …”

It is particularly important for Stefano to address his father’s addiction, even if it is not yet clear to what extent drugs played a role in his death. The result of the chemical-toxicological investigation is expected in a few weeks. “I don’t drink or take anything. I feel disgusted about it because I’ve seen what that can do to a person who doesn’t have it under control, ”he directs his urgent appeal to the public.

Today Anna-Maria and Stefano Herren have only one wish: “Just peace. So that Willi gets his peace and quiet and so do we as a family. *, and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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