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Willi Herren: Widow Jasmin is now indulging in a luxurious break

The last few months have not been an easy time for Jasmin Herren. The 42-year-old has therefore now decided to take a break – and said goodbye to Germany with a photo.

Cologne – Jasmin Herren (42), widow of pop singer and actor Willi Herren († 45), is still deeply saddened for her husband. But instead of processing the grief, the reality actress was still not quiet. Therefore, she is now taking a break, reports RUHR24 *.

Reality actress Jasmine gentlemen
Born December 24, 1978 (age 42), Düsseldorf
Spouse Willi Herren (m. 2018 to 2021)

Jasmin Herren: Widow of pop singer Willi Herren has a lot of stress after his death

Willi Herren only died in April of this year – the cause of death is still unclear. But then the real stress for wife Jasmin Herren really started. This not only resulted in a big family dispute among the Herren family. A biography about Willi Herren should actually appear – but Jasmin Herren is said to have averted that with a court case * (all news about celebrities and TV from NRW * on RUHR24).

But Jasmin Herren also made headlines. In an interview, the 42-year-old stated that she had already seen the death of her husband Willi Herren coming. She also assumes that the pop singer’s pill addiction could be the cause of death. But heart problems should also come into question, said Jasmin Herren * in the ProSieben program Red .

After the death of Willi Herren: Widow Jasmin Herren flies on vacation after stress in Germany

And there was also headlines after the death about the separation of Jasmin and Willi Herren. After all, after three years of marriage, the couple separated only a few weeks before Willis’ death. In an interview, Jasmin just dropped the bomb a few days ago: “The truth about the separation – unfortunately I have to burst a little bomb: Willi and I lied. We didn’t intend to split up. “

Video: Jasmin Herren is now talking about the death of her husband Willi Herren

Summa Summarum: Quite a lot for a newly widowed woman. So it’s understandable that she takes a break from time to time. After the stressful and sad time, Jasmin Herren published a picture of a Qatar airline aircraft on social networks and wrote: “Bye for now” (translated: “See you soon”).

Jasmin Herren: Jasmin Herren’s widow takes a break in the Seychelles

After a few hours, it was clear to the followers of the 42-year-old where their journey was going. In her Instagram story, she posted a picture of a palm tree – and marked the Seychelles as the location. The small archipelago off the east coast of Africa is best known for its beautiful beaches.

Jasmin und Willi Herren bei „Temptation Island“ (RTL)


“Temptation Island” (RTL) welded the two together in 2020, as the couple revealed after the show was broadcast.

And there the TV actress is currently indulging in her break from all the stress in Germany – in order to then continue with more strength. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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