Tech UPTechnologyWindows 8, Microsoft's new operating system, is here

Windows 8, Microsoft's new operating system, is here

windows8Starting today, October 26, Microsoft puts Windows 8 on sale to consumers and businesses around the world. The operating system incorporatesa new and improved user interface, important thecustomization and connection options, as well as a wide range of downloadable applications from the Windows Store online store. And all this available in more than a thousand models of tablets, laptops, convertibles, ultraportables, PCs and all-in-one devices, certified for Windows 8.

According to María Garaña, President of Microsoft Spain, “Windows 8 presents a personalized experience that adapts to the style and needs of each person available for any device, whether on a tablet or a laptop; and for the tasks that each user needs, either to consume or to create content “.

Windows 8 will be available in two versions for the end customer:Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. In addition, there will be a specific version for the business environment under the name ofWindows 8 Enterprise, which will offer new capabilities in mobile productivity thanks to features such as Windows-To-Go – which allows IT departments to provide their employees with a corporate Windows image on a USB storage device -, DirectAcess – which makes it easy for remote users safer and easier access to corporate network resources without having to initiate a virtual private network (VPN) connection – and Branch Cache – thanks to which employees from different offices will be able to access information on the central servers of the company without the need to download them locally.

Also, the company has introduced a new member of the Windows family designed for tablets with ARM processor, under the name ofWindows RT, a version that will be available and pre-installed in the new generation of tablets that are launched on the market.

Both Windows 8 and Windows RT include the new functionality of“Starting screen”that allows users to access with a single click to the applications and content that most interest them, the new Internet Explorer 10 (which incorporates new touch capabilities and Skydrive and its integration with the cloud. “It is not like the sea of icons that there are usually on other screens, sinceactive icons have a life of their own and continually show you the latest information“They explain from Microsoft.” Status updates, weather forecasts, tweets and much more before even opening an app, “they add from the company.


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