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Winter break before Christmas – mild start to the week

After a wintry Advent weekend, in many places the snow is over for the time being. Shortly before Christmas, a high pressure area brings unusually warm air to Germany.

Offenbach – In some winter sports resorts there was still a lot of snow on the third weekend in Advent, but in the coming days it will initially be unusually warm in Germany. A high pressure area allows mild air to flow from the Mediterranean region well into the coming week.

The last “cold holes” on the lower Danube should already be cleared by Monday, the German Weather Service announced on Sunday. In the northwest, highs of almost spring-like 13 degrees would then be reached. With the wintry white in lower elevations below 600 meters, it should be over for now, said Marco Manitta from the DWD. In the middle of the week, the meteorologist expects an inversion weather situation in which cold air collects in the lowlands and it remains mild on the mountains.

On Tuesday it will be mostly cloudy or foggy-cloudy, in the north and in the middle some rain will fall. The maximum temperatures are around 10 degrees, in the permanent fog in the south around 3 degrees. Wednesday also remains uncomfortable in many places – with maximum temperatures of up to 11 degrees and in the southern German lowlands around 3 degrees.

White Christmas?

A few days ago, the DWD commented on the general chances of a White Christmas: Climate change is reducing the prospect of it in many regions of Germany. Statistically speaking, most people in Germany can only look forward to snow on the three public holidays every ten years. However, the DWD’s meteorologists could estimate ten days before Christmas at the earliest in a specific year whether snow would fall and stay there.

Winter fans could look forward to decent snow conditions in the Thuringian Forest, at least at the weekend. On Saturday, according to the local regional network, there was sometimes up to 42 centimeters of snow at the heights.

In Hesse, hundreds of day trippers use the high elevations of the low mountain ranges on Saturday for one of the last opportunities for a walk in the snow for the time being. According to the DWD, there were around 14 centimeters of snow on the 879 meter high Feldberg in the Taunus, and even 19 centimeters were reported from the 950 meter high Wasserkuppe in the Rhön.

At the start of the season of several lifts and cable cars in the Bavarian Alps, mountaineers should exercise caution away from the slopes, especially in the Allgäu. The avalanche warning service classified the danger in the region according to information from Friday above the tree line as “great” (warning level four out of five), in lower locations as “significant” (warning level three). dpa

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