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With Amazon's Echo Show 8, enough

We’ve already talked about Amazon’s Echo Show with Alexa on this blog. Today we are going to make it from the last team of the same family, which comes to be in size between the first that appeared on the Spanish market, more than a year and a half ago, and the last of which we already realized its characteristics, the Echo Show 5. The new Echo Show 8, which I have had the opportunity to thoroughly test in recent weeks due to the confinement to which COVID-19 has forced us.

In the photo that illustrates this article I show the first Echo Show and the Echo Show 8. The photo is made in a perspective that does not allow to see the difference and the reality of the sizes of both teams. The most recent is also smaller, although in my opinion the new Amazon device is much more manageable and allows a much friendlier user experience than the first , and also allows greater possibilities when placing it in rooms other than the older brother. of the range.

More versatile

With an 8-inch HD screen, clear and powerful audio, and an integrated camera cover, the Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s most versatile display device to date. The user can follow, for example, the lyrics of the songs on the screen with Amazon Music, set their alarms and timers, show their favorite photos, find out about the weather forecast and the traffic state before leaving home, although in the Current juncture won’t do much good, catch up on the latest news or simply ask Alexa to play your favorite episode of your favorite series on Prime Video.

Echo Show 8 setup is fairly straightforward and intuitive for anyone who hasn’t used a smart assistant before, not from Amazon or any other company. It is essential to make sure that we have downloaded the latest version of the Alexa application in Google Play, for Android smartphones, or in the App Store for IOS devices. In some cases Amazon recommends uninstalling and reinstalling the application to make sure we have the latest version. Once we have the Alexa app, we activate bluetooth and plug in the power adapter to the device, and then to the current. As soon as we open the Alexa application, it automatically asks us to configure the device.

Video call and lockdown

Entertainment, music, productivity, news and information or communications to keep in touch with friends or family through video calls and hands-free are some of the features of the Echo Show 8, as well as its siblings. I recognize that during confinement the one I have used the most has been video calling, even within my own home with other members of my family who had an Echo Show 5, Echo Show and even Echo Spot in their room. We have not been isolated within the home, none of us have had the coronavirus, but we have taken confinement to the extreme of making each of us live in their stay at many times of the day.

For the most handyman in the house, I admit that I like this option, you can turn your house with the Echo Show 8 into a complete smart home. Thanks to the digital home control panel available on all Echo Show devices, it is possible to control compatible smart devices, both individually and in groups. Just swipe left from the far right of the screen and select “Smart Home.” You can also view the video from a smart camera, if you have one, and access other devices that have been used recently, as well as control others in a group. For this we will need a digital home controller to connect and use the digital home devices.

And to cook

In confinement I have also used the Echo Show 8 unit to cook and ask the assistant to help me with my favorite recipes. Like almost all of us who are experiencing this situation, he has given me a hand to make breads, for example, and even some risotto with vegetables, mushrooms and Iberian ham. There are many skills, says Amazon, that can help in the kitchen with recipes and ideas to prepare menus on these days when we spend more hours than we should in our homes.

Cookpad, for example, is a skill full of homemade recipes for all tastes; Directo al Paladar, is another of the cooking skills best valued by users, and its content consists of thousands of easy recipes to prepare as a family; What do i eat offers ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner based on the Mediterranean, vegetarian or paleo diet; and, among others, seafood paella or Madrid stew reminds us how to cook more traditional dishes of the national gastronomy.

Play Trivial, I see I see or the chained words; learn English with Oxford or mental arithmetic with SM; entertain ourselves, now that we cannot do it physically by going virtually to the Royal Theater; and even having a personal trainer and exercising at home with the help of some skills such as Dynamic Yoga, 7-minute Training, or Personal Meditation are, in addition to other options to get the most out of the new Echo Show 8. And all for 99.99 euros, only 20 euros more than its little brother, the Echo Show 5.

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