NewsWith only 75 cents: pensioners clear more than 200,000...

With only 75 cents: pensioners clear more than 200,000 euros

Created: 10/25/2022 11:37 am

Ein Spielautomat
A pensioner won 200,000 euros on the slot machine. (Iconic image) © Rene Traut/Imago

A story that couldn’t be better imagined – a pensioner, a casino and a big win.

Kassel – A pensioner in Austria goes to the casino with 75 cents and wins over 200,000 euros there. What sounds almost too good to be true happened recently in Velden, a village on the Wörthersee in Austria, according to the Austrian newspaper Heute .

Fort Knox is the name of the machine that paid out the big prize. Even with a small bet you can generate big wins with these machines. Sums of this magnitude occur again and again in Austria.

Pensioner clears 200,000 euros with only 75 cents – This is Fort Knox

The Fort Knox machines are slot machines that can be used from as little as 75 cents. The casinos themselves say: “The total of 90 Fort Knox machines in the twelve casinos are connected throughout Austria and are refilled with 200,000 euros after every jackpot win”. No other Fort Knox slot machine in the world has such high winnings as in Austria.

How often the Fort Knox is cracked varies greatly. In August it was even cracked twice within a week, once with an even higher winning sum of 275,000 euros.

With 75 cents, a pensioner clears 200,000 euros in the Casio: that’s what he wants to do with the money

The man was able to look forward to winnings totaling EUR 207,199.83, which multiplied his stake more than 260,000 times. Despite the large profit, the pensioner’s plans remain modest. He wants to go on vacation and share his winnings with family, Today writes.

Pensioners clear 200,000 euros with a stake of 75 cents – gambling in Germany

Many people only know prizes of several hundred thousand euros from the lottery jackpot. The prospect of winning big is tempting for some, but gambling is also addictive. For this reason, bans and regulations are constantly being discussed. For example, the advertising and streaming of so-called casino streams on the Twitch streaming platform was recently banned.

This was preceded by an article by ZDF Magazin Royale, which drew attention to the fact that a streamer on the Twitch platform encourages his viewers to gamble. (Kilian Baeuml)

Editor’s note

Gambling can be addictive. Those affected can find help from the Federal Center for Health Education, among others.

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