NewsWitherspoon congratulates son on his 18th birthday

Witherspoon congratulates son on his 18th birthday

Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon’s son is coming of age. Her heart is bursting with pride, writes the actress on Instagram.

Los Angeles – Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon (45) proudly and somewhat incredulously congratulated her son Deacon on his 18th birthday. “How could that happen? !!” wrote the US actress on Instagram.

“One day he exchanges Pokémon cards, sings songs by Bruno Mars and plays American Ninja Warrior in the garden. The next day, he’s bigger than me, roasting family steaks on the grill and making his own music with his best friends. “

Her heart is bursting with pride at the young man he has become, wrote Witherspoon in response to a photo of Deacon hugging a dog. The actress gave birth to her son in 2003. The father is Witherspoon’s colleague and then-husband Ryan Phillippe, whom they later separated from. The two also have an older daughter, Ava.

Phillippe was also very proud of the son. “I would say we did pretty well,” he wrote to Witherspoon in an Instagram post. In the accompanying photo, parents and son pose smiling with a birthday cake on which candles depict the number 18.

Witherspoon achieved greater notoriety through films such as “Ice Cold Angels” (1999) and “Naturally Blonde” (2001), and she won an Oscar for her role in the Johnny Cash biography “Walk The Line” (2005). dpa

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