NewsWoman poses for seemingly perfect pool photo – but...

Woman poses for seemingly perfect pool photo – but a disgusting detail destroys everything

Perfect timing! This woman captured just the right moment in her pool photo. But unfortunately that’s not all – there’s something nasty going on in the background.

Munich – What you don’t do to get the perfect photo for your social media channel. Many attempts, and eventually the optimal snapshot works. So also with this woman, who surrendered to the flashlight in the pool. The Fail has been circulating on the internet for years.

Hair dipped in water, nape quickly thrown back – voilà, there’s the beautiful photo where it looks like the hairstyle is connected to the water surface. So it worked. A picture in which everything looks the way the woman probably wanted it. But wait, one thing went wrong. Two people didn’t play along, she didn’t care – or did she?

Woman posts cool pool photo – but it gets disgusting in the background

If you look closely, two women are standing on a small rise, who must have felt unobserved. The women dressed in red and black probably felt a bit itchy or the garment on the backside didn’t fit properly. But see for yourself:

Kratzen sich die Frauen am Po oder rücken sie ihre Kleidung zurecht?


Are the women scratching their butts or straightening their clothes?

The beautiful fountain of hair in the foreground is forgotten when you see the people scratching their butts. Shame for the lady who went to so much trouble to get the perfect snapshot.

Pool photo glitch: users get excited about the background

Users on the “Bored Panda” platform first see the woman with the red garment and then write: “See the woman in black? It’s an epidemic!’. The photo first appeared on the Internet well before the corona pandemic. This can also be seen in a bizarre discussion about shaking hands that arose on the portal. “Hmmm, I’ll do this where nobody sees me before I shake hands with someone,” the user speculates about the train of thought. Then he gets the answer: “You usually shake hands with your right hand”. “Not if you’re left-handed,” answer two other users. He then defends himself: “In the Netherlands we always shake the right hand”. This couple discovered a pool UNDER their study.

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