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Would you buy this speaker for your apartment?

The consumption of musical content is done from different sides: radio, streaming, headphones and speakers. According to The CIU, in the case of streaming, the frequency of access to digital subscription music platforms registered the same value as the previous year, an average of 5.6 days a week. However, 67% enter every day (71% in 2020), while 26% enter twice a week (20% in 2020), 6% only once a week (8% in 2020) and 1% biweekly.

This consumption dynamic reveals the marked preference for musical content, as well as the continuity in the intensification in the frequency of access to platforms as a result of confinement and the greater availability of time for leisure at home.

That is why Sonos considers that it is good to bring another sound option to the Mexican market and presented the Sub Mini, a wireless subwoofer.

“Streaming has entered a stage where quality is prioritized over quantity, and where creators and platforms are investing in immersive entertainment experiences where premium sound is the most important thing,” says Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, Vice President Hardware and Operations Senior at Sonos.

The company introduced two devices less than a year ago, the Sonos Beam and the Sonos Ray, but in this new product the company seeks to enhance streaming experiences more easily.

“Sub Mini is a great addition to the Sonos family, completing our line of home theater products so users can experience cinema-quality sound that makes them feel like they’re the protagonist of their favorite content,” said Bouvat.

One of the main features is that it is ideal for apartments like the ones in Mexico City, since it has dual woofers that give greater depth of bass. Inside the acoustically sealed cabinet, both woofers face inward to create a force-canceling effect that neutralizes distortion.

It is feasible to combine this equipment with the other Sonos speakers, so if you are a Beam, Ray or One user you can combine this new speaker.

Sub Mini will be available in Mexico from October 6 with a price of 10,499 pesos.

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