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Yellow star with "Unvaccinated" writing: Berlin police now classify carrying as a criminal offence

If people wear a yellow star with the inscription “Unvaccinated” at demos, this should no longer remain unpunished in Berlin. The police are against it.

Berlin – It is just one of the ugly forms of Holocaust trivialization that can currently be seen on the streets in Germany: at demonstrations against the corona measures, opponents of vaccination sometimes wear yellow stars on which the word “unvaccinated” can be read . These stars are reminiscent of the “Jewish Star” patches introduced by the National Socialists and that Jews in Germany had to wear in a prominent place on their clothing during World War II. The demonstrators, often from the “lateral thinker” milieu, are thus showing their alleged victim role in the corona pandemic. And they equate their situation with the fate of the Jews during the Nazi genocide.

Wearing these yellow “unvaccinated” stars should no longer go unpunished in Berlin. As an internal directive from the Berlin police states, this trivialization of the Shoah is now considered a criminal offence. “The use of adapted ‘Jewish stars’ at meetings is now generally assumed to be a disturbance of the public peace,” it says there, as the Tagesspiegel reports.

Corona protests: Berlin police should prevent wearing “unvaccinated” stars

Police officers should prevent these stars from being shown in public “in principle to avert danger to prevent the continuation”. The yellow stars should be secured. As the Tagesspiegel further reports, the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Berlin police is calling for “anything that could be associated with the downplaying of the Holocaust” to be punished.

In early December, the police in Frankfurt arrested a man who wore an “unvaccinated” star. Not showing any Stars of David with the inscription “Unvaccinated” was also a requirement at a demonstration in mid-January.

Not only at Corona demos: anti-Semitism in Germany is increasing

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) had only shown herself “ashamed” about the increase in anti-Semitism in Germany on Monday (January 24, 2022). She spoke at a virtual event organized by the Jewish organization B’nai B’rith International in Washington on Holocaust Remembrance Day. “Terrorist attacks on synagogues, hate speech, Jews wearing a yarmulke being attacked on the street in Berlin, and people wearing yellow stars with the inscription ‘unvaccinated’ at demonstrations – all of this is unbearable,” she said in one pre-recorded video message. “We react to such acts with the full force of our laws.”

For the new federal government, Baerbock committed himself to “keep the memory of the Holocaust alive”. She announced an intensified fight against anti-Semitism and against the falsification of the Holocaust in Germany as well as abroad. (kke/dpa)

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