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"You know you're a complete asshole" – car blocks two disabled parking spaces at Lidl

Created: 10/28/2022 9:57 p.m

A Nissan blocked two disabled parking spaces at a Lidl branch. The photo causes trouble for many – and the question: intentional or not?

Castletroy – A photo of a Lidl parking lot has engaged hundreds of users on the Reddit platform. It is said to have been recorded in Castletroy near Limerick in Ireland. “Seen at Lidl in Castletroy today. Of course, no handicapped license plate,” writes the user. You can see a red Nissan parked between two disabled parking spaces.

Now, of course, one can initially assume the best: that a physically handicapped person parked the vehicle and it was just not recognizable – but even then it was very unfortunate. Because neither the left nor the right disabled parking space can be used anymore. Especially not if there should be enough space to get out.

Nissan auf Lidl-Parkplatz
The photo causes anger for many. (Disguise the license plate by our editors) © Reddit

Lidl: intentional or not? Many ask themselves this question about the photo

One of the most likes gets a very obvious question, which deals with whether there is intention in such people or not. “I wonder if they know they’re a complete asshole and just don’t care, or if they’re thankfully unaware.”

It must have been intentional, says another user. “You can’t accidentally be such a ***” – we don’t want to repeat the swear word here. The demand of another user: “150 euros fine and penalty points should be due for this shit on the spot.”

Lidl: Ignorance when parking is probably not an isolated case

Unfortunately, the ignorant person with the Nissan is probably not an isolated case, as another customer reports. He was also at Lidl, saw a car parked in the handicapped area without a license plate and a woman jumping out and into the store. “You could have parked two spaces further, basically ten feet (three meters, editor’s note) further and left it for someone who needs it.” A note at Rewe also causes discussions – a customer feels patronized by it . (lin)

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