AutoYou will fall in love with the Citroën Berlingo...

You will fall in love with the Citroën Berlingo by Tinkervan camper

Many of us let our imaginations run wild after a tiring day at the office. We daydream, miles away and with no obligation other than to enjoy every moment. We envision days away from schedules, deliveries, overwhelming traffic, and crowds. Getaways that are often accompanied by a house on wheels, be it a motorhome or camper . The Volkswagen California is the most successful in the segment, known for its Bulli icon and the hippie movement that accompanied it in its second generation. Other manufacturers have seen the vein of these models, which allow traveling with the bed in tow without sacrificing the versatility of a more compact vehicle. Citroën does not want to be left behind and has presented a complete range of camper variants. Preparations developed from their Berlingo, Jumper and SpaceTourer vans .

Cities grow and the need to flee from them too. For this reason, it is not surprising that the caravanning sector is at its best, with a 19.2% growth in sales compared to the previous year . An upward trend that began in 2018 with a 30% increase in sales. It is a very heterogeneous market, so the Citroën camper range comes with options for all types of camper, from the youngest couples to the most complete families.

To date, buyers could access the Citroën Jumper or SpaceTourer but, with the arrival of the Citroën Berlingo, a very diverse portfolio is completed. The French firm trusts the preparer Tinkervan to camperize its smaller commercial vehicles , a Spanish company with years of experience and a very interesting adaptability. Gala trainer Pössl is in charge of bringing to life the camper variant of the Jumper , the largest and most livable van in the chevron family. Thanks to this latest addition, the firm manages to enter a segment that demands more accessible models given the exorbitant price of the California or the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo . Two icons of the segment that do not fall below 60,000 euros after equipping them. Citroën, on the other hand, achieves prices that start from the 26,490 euros of the Berlingo

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