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YouTube turns six

youtube-2010This month agosix yearsthat the founders of YouTube, the most used platform to upload videos and make yourself known to the whole world. Nowadaysmore than 48 hours of video are uploaded every minuteThat is, two days of new content every sixty seconds. This represents an increase of 37% in the last six months. “To give a few examples, in two days a cheetah (the fastest animal on the planet, which can run at an average of 120 km / h) leaving South Africa could cross 5,800 kilometers of the African continent and reach Egypt. Or it could see the trilogy ofReturn to the futureeight and a half times, “say those responsible for the platform.

This increase in the number of hours is attributed to improvements in the uploading process of the videos, increased duration of the same, launch of utilities ofstreamingLive self-service for members, among many others.

Another key factor is the “diversity and quality of content that users ask for”, which ranges “from live broadcasts of music festivals to campaigns for change and social inspiration, from rock stars involved in educational projects to world events covered by citizens. / journalists and, of course, demonstrations of your own talent “, they affirm from YouTube on the occasion of the sixth anniversary. Thus, for example, in recent days users have flooded the portal with hundreds of videos that collect the impressive images of the ash cloud launched by the European volcano.Grimsvötnafter erupting on May 22.


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