NewsYoutubers test Mercedes Vision AVTR: "The coolest concept car...

Youtubers test Mercedes Vision AVTR: "The coolest concept car in the world"

An e-car with vegan leather seats that can run on its wheels? What sounds like something out of a science fiction film is already a reality with the Mercedes Vision AVTR.

Dubai / Stuttgart – The fully electric “Vision AVTR” from Mercedes-Benz is a cooperation between Mercedes-Design boss Gordon Wagener and Hollywood director James Cameron, the creator of “Avatar”. The successful vlogger “Supercar Blondie” presented the AVTR as the “coolest concept car in the world” in several videos on various channels.
BW24 * reveals what the hypercar from Mercedes can do and how it gets on the internet.

The futuristic car was presented for the first time in January 2020 at the largest trade fair for consumer electronics, the CES in Las Vegas. Since then, the AVTR has received a lot of attention in the international media – and is also celebrated on the Internet. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Vaccination for nursing staff: the media report on questionable job applications

According to newspaper advertisements in Germany, hundreds of nurses are planning to change jobs because of compulsory vaccination. But some ads seem questionable according to media reports.

Hartmut Becker is dead: He played in "Traumschiff" and "SOKO Munich".

Hartmut Becker apparently died after a serious illness. This was announced by his agency. The actor was 83 years old.

"Deltakron" approaching: virologist Drosten warns of a new corona mutant

Christian Drosten does not believe that the pandemic will end anytime soon. The corona expert is alarmed about a possible "Deltakron" mutant.

Ex-"Wheel of Fortune"-Fee Gilzer fails in the mayoral election

She had won the jungle camp, and in the mayoral election in Brandenburg's Oberkrämer, former "wheel of fortune" fairy Maren Gilzer only got 6.1 percent of the votes. That's not enough for the runoff.

Recombination of omicron and delta: virologist Drosten warns of dangerous mutation

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, virologist Drosten warned of a dangerous, potential mutation - one must fear a combination of delta and omicron.