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Zenbo, un robot para toda la familia

We have been hearing for so long that the advent of artificial intelligence is at hand that we have become skeptical about the age of robots. We know it will come, but when we care less and less. While we wait for androids more human than human, we can settle for robots like Zenbo, an Asus creation halfway between Wall-E and a cute iPod with cuddly kitty eyes and a wide variety of facial expressions.

Zenbo is good for many things. Parents will love it when the kids get heavy, because this adorable automaton can tell them interactive stories (he talks and his face turns into a screen), entertain them with educational games, or play their favorite songs (he has stereo speakers) and dance with them.

He will also be a good friend to grandparents: he reacts to emergencies and notifies family members wherever they are if there are problems, reminds us of doctor’s appointments, warns that the time has come to take medication or any Another thing that has to be done and frees the elderly from digital stress, because through its screen you can surf the internet and make purchases online with great ease.

The perfect butler (and without pay)

Zenbo moves on its own and answers your questions, as long as they are not Kantian doubts. Go with your camera, which allows you to take photos and videos, recognize faces and keep an eye on the house when you are away.

In addition, it connects to your devices (lights, television, air conditioning …) and manages them as if it were a programmable remote control. You can even see on your screen who is calling the door phone and open with a voice command that Zenbo will faithfully execute. And if you’re a cocinillas, you will read the step by step while you concentrate on the hob cookers recipes.

Asus is preparing a software development kit for Zenbo that will allow anyone to create applications that will expand the robot’s capabilities as far as their imagination can go.

You want it? Prepare about 550 euros and wait for its launch date, which is yet to be announced.

For now, you can see it in action in this video (by the way, the actors are terrible).

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