Auto10 paradises where to arrive with the Citroën Ami...

10 paradises where to arrive with the Citroën Ami this summer

Traveling by motorhome or camper van has become very fashionable for summer vacations due to its contribution to freedom, economy and, above all, being able to go where others go. But, and when do you want to access the center of a historic city, approach coastal beaches with very narrow streets, or even reach corners that a large vehicle would not be able to reach? We have the perfect solution! And I will even tell you 12 paradises that you can reach almost without getting out of the car. All you need is a car with a tow hook, a vehicle trailer and a perfect Citroën Ami. With perfect we mean that we cannot think of a better vehicle to enter streets and natural landscapes where others could not . And we have already done the Camino de Santiago with him, so nothing is impossible.

Going into details, in reality you will only need your car to get to your favorite vacation spot this summer or move from one city to another, for example. The rest, you will leave the car parked at the hotel or campsite, and you will be able to move in this little one with total maneuverability and agility wherever you want. Comfortable, cheap and safe due to its four wheels, it is not the same as a moped, although it can be carried even without a driving license. And thinking about the environment since it is a 100% electric vehicle. Because yes, it is zero emissions, with 75 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 45 km/h, perfect for what we need. Another important point is that you will not have to worry about charging. In just 3 hours in a simple conventional plug , you recover 100% of the charge. Like your mobile phone!

With compact dimensions of 2.41 m long and 1.39 m wide, the Ami moves like a fish in water through the city center and parks stress-free in the space of half a parking space, both online and in line. drums. Who doesn’t need something like this when hitting crowded beaches? In addition, for very hot days, it has ventilation and windshield demisting.

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