Auto10 secrets of Formentor VZ5

10 secrets of Formentor VZ5

Imposing due to its design, cars enter through the eyes, this Formentor is almost difficult to call or classify as an SUV, because it is low and sharp almost as much as some sports coupes. That elongated front end, the prominent wheel arches, the aggressiveness of the logo and the details finished in bronze or matt paint make a set that is almost irresistible, and more so when you know its power, its sportiness, its ease and pleasure of driving and that a driving mode called Drift is even offered….

And there is much more to the Formentor VZ5, a very special car, the first of its kind and perhaps the best of its kind. A somewhat taller car, with qualities of an SUV that hides under its hood the imposing 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder block that offers 390 hp and 480 Nm of torque, the same award-winning engine that several of the VAG group use. the powerful and exclusive AUDI RS and the sportiest models of the brand. There are many details that make this car special, beyond those perceived at the wheel, which are difficult to convey due to its forcefulness, but if there is something that makes it special, it is that it is an exclusive version of the Formentor that is only They will manufacture 7,000 units for the whole world . Everything is so special in this Cupra, that we are going to try to simplify it in the 10 secrets that we liked the most and that this car, or SUV, or SUV Coupé, or sports car hides without concessions.

But before going into detail, note that there is also a more affordable version of the Formentor for everyone. It is the Formentor TSI of 1.5 liters and 150 hp, a model that is closer to the customer who yearns so much for its coupé body halfway between the compact segment and the SUV. In fact, the best thing about this access Cupra is that its aesthetics are not affected by the reduction in power and price. It changes above all, part of the equipment and its price , clearly lower.

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