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10 things not to do in Reykjavik

If you want to be spontaneous, a visit to Iceland’s largest city and capital, Reykjavik, would be the place to go. Reykjavik is charming, unique and different. Due to the fact that this city is so different, you must observe certain rules to enjoy your stay. Here are ten things not to do in Reykjavik:

1. Don’t tip him big

Most people in other countries and cities would love to be tipped up to 25% for excellent service, but in Reykjavik, the common waiter or waitress does not expect to receive such a tip. Some waiters will take it kindly, but others will be seriously offended, so it’s best not to tip or tip. Better to stick to the regular tipping rules for Iceland.

2. Don’t be loud

Icelanders are quiet people, and you’ll embarrass yourself if you end up being too loud or obnoxious as a visitor. It is said that Reykjavik locals can spot a foreigner in their city by how loud it is and will often automatically conclude that you are drunk. So unless you’re on fire, keep your voice down and adjust to your surroundings.

3. Don’t complain about the food

In Reykjavik, it is common to see people enjoy a sheep’s testicles and fermented shark meat, among other unusual entrees, and there is nothing that can irritate the locals of Reykjavik more than the look of disgust as they enjoy their delicacies. There is nothing wrong with not eating their strange food, but please don’t sit and watch while they enjoy it.

4. Don’t be sarcastic

English is not the first language of the people here in Reykjavik, and saying something that you think is a joke could be taken literally. Using metaphors and hyperbole may not have the desired effect, so keep your language jargon-free, friendly, and simple.

5. Don’t pronounce his words (incorrectly)

The Icelandic language is difficult to understand, and even harder to pronounce, so practice and practice more to pronounce the words in the Icelandic language, or stay in English. Imitating the way the locals talk just to make fun of them is very rude.

6. Don’t drink too much if you can’t handle your alcohol

Icelanders are known to be heavy drinkers, but they can actually handle their liquor well. Don’t join them in their hearty drink because, unlike them, you are likely to end up making a fool of yourself.

7. Don’t go if you are traveling on a budget

Things in Reykjavik are very expensive, so visiting this city is not for you if you are traveling on a low budget. Small items like locally made scarves and gloves can cost you $ 50, so you need to budget well and spend sparingly. Take a look at some of the nice budget hotels in Reykjavik to save money.

8. Don’t make a big deal out of his “lack of manners”

What you consider to be things to do ‘in private’, like farts and burps, Icelanders do publicly and unashamedly, so don’t be offended or surprised if someone burps in your presence, it’s not offensive to them.

9. Do not enter a sauna without showering

Yes, please do not go into a dry sauna. You have to be clean to enjoy a sauna in Reykjavik and come to wet shows that you have showered. It is considered rude to simply step on their saunas without observing proper personal hygiene.

10. Don’t expect things to look like where you came from.

There are very low crime rates in Reykjavik and in fact the last recorded number of prisoners was 150. 150 prisoners across the country, how cool is that? There are no large gates or security systems to protect houses or government buildings, and government officials walk freely without bodyguards. Enjoy this laid-back lifestyle and keep an open mind.

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