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100 percent protection against a severe course of Covid: Sanofi wants approval for the corona vaccine

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi wants to apply for approval for its classic corona vaccine – almost a year later than originally planned.

Paris – The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi wants to apply for approval of its own corona vaccine*. Like the already approved Novavax vaccine*, the vaccine is protein-based and is based on a classic vaccine principle. The growing range of classic vaccines could offer a new incentive, especially for people who are still skeptical about vaccination against Covid-19 with the new mRNA vaccines.

The vaccine uses a “widespread approach used in many use cases, such as influenza vaccines,” said Roger Connor, GSK VP of Vaccines.

Ein medizinischer Angestellter bereitet eine Corona-Impfung vor.


Almost a year later than planned, the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi wants to apply for approval of its protein-based vaccine against Covid-19. (icon picture)

Sanofi wants to launch the next corona vaccine – almost a year late

The clinical studies of the vaccine, which was developed in cooperation with the British group GSK, have yielded positive results, Sanofi said in a press release on Wednesday (February 23, 2022). The companies originally wanted to apply for approval for the vaccine in spring 2021. The reason for the delay was multiple delays in the development of the vaccine. Among other things, the protein-based corona vaccine did not achieve sufficient efficacy in older participants* in the clinical phase 2 study.

The cause of the disappointing results could have been incorrect dosing. The date for the publication of the results was then initially pushed back by six months and the second study phase was repeated. The company then had difficulty finding people for the clinical trials who had never been infected with Corona. In the second attempt, the vaccine is said to have worked well in all age groups.

Protein-based corona vaccine: Sanofi and GSK apply for EU and US approval

The two pharmaceutical companies announced that they would first apply for approval for their vaccine in the USA* and the European Union. The studies therefore showed one hundred percent protection against severe courses of Covid-19, according to Sanofi. The vaccine also has a fifty percent effectiveness against any symptoms of corona infection*. The companies already started preparing for mass production of their vaccine in the summer of 2021.

Surname Sanofi (Sanofi-aventis Groupe)
founding 2004
Seat Paris
management Paul Hudson
sales volume 26.04 billion euros (2020)

The EU, US and Canada have already pre-ordered several million doses of the vaccine. Sanofi has a good chance of playing a role in the global booster campaigns. Since many countries do not yet have high vaccination rates, there is also continued high demand for new vaccines. (iwe/afp) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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