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11 ideas to live the Christmas spirit and rescue the magic of Christmas

These days we find ourselves immersed in a whirlwind of gifts, dinners and purchases, a fast race that drags us without hardly realizing how special these dates can be. Therefore, we want to stop for a moment to live the true Christmas spirit and rescue the magic of Christmas as a family.

Being parents allows us to rescue what it is probable that we felt years ago, when we were little, as our children are now. When these days ahead seemed like magical, special, unforgettable days. Childhood Christmases are one of those memories that are etched by fire and we must achieve, or at least try, to make them unforgettable.

Being children again being parents

If we can soak up that Christmas spirit, we will be able to transmit it to our children. It is about going back to being a little child , writing together with the children the letter to Santa Claus or the Kings and doing it ourselves. Or is it that because we are older we no longer have desires, illusion, purposes?

It is about surprising our children with three half-empty glasses of milk and the cookie crumbs, hanging up their socks and finding them full of sweets and gifts on December 25, setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house, and doing it involving the little ones.

Be generous with others, rescue values such as peace, solidarity, good intentions, hope. And to think that it can be like that the rest of the year. Because after Christmas we don’t have to put an end to all these customs in one fell swoop and return to stress, routine, and laziness. Surely a little magic makes us more optimistic and we face the routine in a better mood!

But there is still a lot left for January 7, so for now, we leave you with these 11 ideas to rescue the magic of Christmas as a family .

11 ideas to experience the magic of Christmas as a family

1) Avoid rampant consumerism

Children must be instilled in responsible consumption when writing the letter to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, and this is an ideal opportunity to do so: teach children that not everything is gifts, the value of things and avoid the syndrome of the hyper-gifted child …

We can think of other possibilities when giving gifts, such as crafts. There are also, for children, some gifts that are not toys and that they will love.

2) Take family walks around the city

The cities are filled with trees, lights and markets that invite us to take beautiful walks with the children with no other objective than to enjoy this Christmas atmosphere.

Here are some proposals for plans to do with children:

  • The best Christmas plans to do with children in Madrid
  • The best Christmas plans in Spain to enjoy with children

3) Enjoy with the family without distractions

Disconnect your mobile and dedicate real time to your children. You can read Christmas stories, watch movies, talk, play with the children, enjoying the gifts and your family time.

4) Watch Christmas movies

Turn on the TV to watch a Christmas family movie, the typical ones for these dates, with your children. The little hands to lull us and the popcorn cannot be absent.

The most classic like “Polar Express”, “Alone at home”, “Go Santa Claus”, “How beautiful it is to live”, “A Christmas with Mickey”, “Nightmare before Christmas”, “A father in distress”, ” Elf “and other more modern ones like” Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2 “, and” Klaus “are just some ideas for a magical afternoon with the little ones.

5) Write greeting cards

Write with them a card for family and friends. The Christmas cards that decorate the house and wish us the best for the new year, brightening hearts, do not have to disappear.

6) Write the letters to Santa Claus or the Kings together

It does not necessarily have to be plagued with material desires, it includes others: wishes for others, resolutions or goals for the new year …

7) Make gestures of solidarity

You can share with those who are not as lucky as us, making donations to the different associations, NGOs in charge of helping sick children or the most disadvantaged (food, clothes, toys …). Solidarity is an important value and not only for these dates, since helping others (and feeling better about it) is a matter of the whole year.

8) Sing Christmas carols as a family

Sing, listen and dance to traditional and modern Christmas carols, even the songs that you like the most: it is another way to be happy.

Here we bring you the most popular ones, in English and Spanish:

  • Christmas carols in English: the most famous Christmas songs to sing with children
  • Christmas carols: the 25 most beautiful Christmas songs to sing as a family

9) Cook Christmas recipes together

Cooking together to entertain the family is a great idea. From simple cookies and Christmas sweets, nougat, almonds … to the most traditional dishes can also count on the collaboration of the little ones.

10) Make crafts to decorate the house

You can decorate the house with Christmas crafts that children make with recycled elements. Surely that ornament made by your child has much more value than the most expensive you have been able to buy.

Brighten up every environment with original details handcrafted by the little ones.

11) Deliver positive messages

Write a message of joy and love to the guests at home (or take them with you if you go to another house to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve …).

Surely, if we look at Christmas with renewed eyes, if we seek and are able to find the magic of Christmas , we will be able to enjoy it together with our children with joy and generosity, charging ourselves with positive energy.

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