News19 dead in house fire in New York

19 dead in house fire in New York

Fire tragedy in New York with many dead and injured: At least 19 people die in a house fire in the New York Bronx.

New York – According to Mayor Eric Adams, 19 people were killed in a fire in an apartment building in New York’s Bronx neighborhood and at least 63 residents were injured, including at least 32 serious injuries, Adams told CNN on Sunday.

According to this, there are also children among the fatalities. “There have been children who have been injured and some children have lost their lives,” said Adams. It looks like smoke has spread quickly in the building. Many injuries are probably due to smoke inhalation. The door to the burning apartment on one of the lower floors was open. This allowed the smoke to spread quickly in the house.

200 firefighters had moved against the fire in the 19-story house, said the fire department. The fire broke out on Sunday morning (local time). dpa

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