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1G Plus rule: Popular holiday destination locks out those who have recovered or who have not been vaccinated

The Omikron variant forces vacation countries to take drastic measures. This applies in particular to entry. A popular holiday destination is reacting.

Frankfurt – Anyone who currently wants to fly or drive on vacation outside of the holidays or the popular holidays has to be prepared for numerous corona measures. In view of the still critical infection situation with Sars-CoV-2 worldwide, governments are taking this. In particular, the omicron variant of the coronavirus that is circulating is causing uncertainty. It is considered more infectious compared to other mutations in the virus. Research expects that Omikron will soon replace Delta as the dominant variant.

According to virologist Christian Drosten, a corona vaccination, especially as a booster, is the best protection against an omicron infection. However, those who cannot (yet) show the vaccination are no longer allowed to travel to a popular holiday destination and holiday paradise since Wednesday (January 5th, 2022).

1G Plus rule: Popular holiday destination reacts to the corona pandemic

This is Cuba. The Cuban government has decreed that a 1G-Plus regulation must be implemented. This means that only those who have been double-vaccinated are allowed to enter the country. The 1G-Plus rule provides for another condition: an additional negative corona test (PCR) that is not older than 72 hours. In addition, the government of Cuba is demanding that a health declaration be submitted via a government online system. The 1G Plus rule applies to people aged twelve and over.

“The evidence must be submitted in writing. Random samples, in the event of suspicion or in the case of travelers from countries with an increased risk of infection, additional PCR tests can be carried out upon entry, ”said the Foreign Office. People who have not been double-vaccinated or have “only” recovered from Covid-19 are therefore not allowed to enter Cuba.

Anyone who tests positive for the corona virus as a tourist in Cuba must isolate themselves immediately on site – at their own expense. This also applies to all contact persons. Further information is available from the Cuban government. (do)

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