Auto2021 Kia Stinger: Saloon Survival Improvements

2021 Kia Stinger: Saloon Survival Improvements

The Kia Stinger is one of those models that you would expect to see more on the streets. During the spring there was speculation about the possible disappearance of the model, which would not have a second generation. A Korean blog specialized in the automotive sector leaked the possible decision of the company and the reason is simple: the sales are not as desired. 13,861 Stingers were sold last year and the covid-19 crisis is not helping with registrations this year. Luckily, and for now, we can talk about a second chance for this sedan of incredible qualities. The Kia Stinger will present novelties in the aesthetic aspect, improvements in the equipment and some changes in the engine section. Its arrival is expected by the end of 2020 but we still do not have much information on the final model for Europe. Both the images and the specifications that we will talk about refer to the Korean market, which will later be transferred to the production version for the old continent.

The Stinger is the ideal choice for the open-minded shopper fed up with stereotypes and customs. The Asian product, and more in this case, has more than proven its reliability and know-how. Market reluctance is based on ignorance. The possible failure of models like the Stinger should make us open our eyes. It is a high-flying saloon, at the level of such well-known and praised products as the Audi A5 Sportback or the Volkswagen Arteon. Products that are framed in the premium and representation segment , as it should be with the Kia Stinger. This new batch will keep the formula intact but with slight modifications in its design, equipment and engines.

Modernity LED

Its sporty design captured the attention of the specialized press. While its interior is somewhat understated, and may even appear dated, the exterior was on par with competitors like the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe . The fall of its rear makes it really attractive to the eye but impairs comfort and access in the rear seats. For now, it seems that Kia will not change its dimensions so we are facing the same dimensions of 4.83 meters long by 1.87 wide and 1.40 high with a wheelbase of 2.90 meters .

The aesthetic changes can be seen in the LED headlights with a darkened background and that integrate the daytime running lights. Its light signature is now sharper but it could go unnoticed. The same does not happen with the rear, where the pilots are completely new, following in the wake of what was presented in the previous model. The turn signals are located at the bottom and are completely rectangular in shape with a checkered flag pattern. The new Stinger incorporates a tone to its range of exterior colors and the new invoice wheels can be 18 and 19 inches . In addition, the tailpipes have a larger diameter and look more imposing on the most powerful variant in the range.

Necessary improvements

As I mentioned before, the interior was the weak point of the Kia Stinger. Its paucity and simplicity were understood as a lack of investment in the digital and equipment section. The finishes, already in the previous model, are of an exquisite quality and the moldings do not reflect a single error of fit. At a time when brands are betting on reducing the dashboard to the maximum, the large surface of the Stinger may not be the most modern. However, in this new update we find a 10.25-inch touch screen and a 7-inch digital instrument panel.

The upholstery has also been redesigned and the interior trims can be made of aluminum or carbon look. The steering wheel features a metallic finish on the lower section, as well as a different pattern for the dashboard and door seams. The driver will be able to choose from 64 different colors for the ambient light , which is reflected below the dashboard.

Nadal will continue to be his ambassador

For buyers with more character, Kia will make available the Dark Package decoration package. This finish is characterized by the black elements of the rear diffuser, the tailpipes and the emblems. It is possible that Rafa Nadal, current world number 2 and 12 times winner of Roland Garros (among many other merits), chose this finish. We will know very soon as Kia and the tennis player continue their collaboration , which began in 2004 when Rafa was only 17 years old.

For now we do not know anything about the range of engines but there is talk of an increase in power for the 2.0 and 3.3 gasoline blocks, with 245 and 366 hp today. We can’t talk about prices either. The current commercial offer of the Stinger starts from 39,350 euros for the 200 hp diesel . All have eight-speed automatic transmission and, depending on the engine, you can choose all-wheel drive. The most expensive model, today, is the Stinger 3.3 GT 4×4 with 366 hp that starts at 55 100 euros . Prices very far from what we could find in a similar portfolio of the Audi A5 or the BMW 4 Series Gran Coup√©, which we previously cited as their rivals.

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