Living21 hilarious photos that humorously show the less kind...

21 hilarious photos that humorously show the less kind side of having children

You have heard on occasion of the idealization of fatherhood and motherhood. Perfect images come to mind of smiling fathers and mothers, fast asleep, in their tidy houses with their clean and demure children. We all know that the reality of being parents is not that, but rather the opposite. Well, that, the opposite, is what these 21 funny pictures show about the less kind side of having children.

Its author is the photographer Danielle Guenther, who has managed to capture beautifully and with great humor those moments of imperfection that make us laugh at ourselves. In his series “What the Bump ?!” it reflects some inconveniences that pregnant women suffer and in “Best Case Scenario” we see the daily life of parents with young children.

For a cab, son

Oops, it’s here

Buying moment

Morning sickness


Trying to go into labor

Moving with children

Guiness will have to wait

Casting moment

Going out to eat with the kids

Wait a second

The shower in company

Another mouth to feed

A little more

Complicated mornings

With your head in the party

Escape plan

To the supermarket with the children

An ideal afternoon

Being a mother is exhausting

If you want to know more photos of the author, you can visit her Facebook and Instagram profile.

Photos | Danielle Guenther Photography (reproduced with permission of the author)
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