Fun5 tricks for cheap car rental

5 tricks for cheap car rental

Although summer has come to an end for most, September is a very conducive month to travel or take a getaway anywhere in Spain or abroad. Car rental is always a difficult task, but, if we follow a series of tricks, we will find that vehicle that best suits our needs to start our trip.

Car rental to travel always supposes an extra expense in our budget, so it is best to look in advance and know exactly what we want to use it for and how far we are going to go on our trip. But there are always tricks that will allow us to save in this regard to dedicate that budget to other things that benefit our trip.

Use a comparator

The best way to be aware of the prices that are handled in the car rental market is to use a price comparator to help us know where they are. Places such as Rentalcars, Rastreator or Expedia , are very reliable websites that will give us detailed prices on the cars available in each company, so that we can adjust our budget.

Avoid renting at airports

Many times for sheer convenience we go directly to the companies that are in the airports of our place of arrival. These companies are usually more expensive than others that can be located in the city, away from the traffic of an airport.

If we have made a reservation before comparing prices, there is no problem, but otherwise, the car rental at an airport will be much more expensive.

What do you need to rent a car for?

We must be very clear about what we are going to need a car for on the days of our trip. If we go to a city where there is public transport or bike routes to get to any point, will we need a rental car?

The most feasible thing is to rent a car for the days that we are going to leave the nucleus where we will move. If our trip is en route, then we must look at the offers of the companies and be very careful with the insurance that the companies give us.

Avoid Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays

Although it seems silly, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the days of the week where car rental prices are most expensive. If our trip allows us, we must avoid these days to start or leave the car, and we will surely notice a good decrease in the final count.

Rent to an individual

Although in Spain right now it is a little-known car rental modality, the truth is that there are websites that are dedicated to putting drivers in contact with owners of private cars. Check out pages like Amovens that will surely surprise us with the prices.

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