Fun7 Halloween movies to watch as a family

7 Halloween movies to watch as a family

Halloween night is approaching, an event that every year has a greater following in our country and that has undoubtedly immersed itself in our culture, especially among children. If you like to watch Halloween movies , today we recommend a few that you can watch as a family since they are for all audiences.

Decoration, movies, themed food … Halloween already has a great presence in millions of Spanish homes, and it is going from being a one-day appointment to a tradition that lasts for weeks, since many people put the Halloween decoration several weeks before October 31, which is when it is celebrated.

Halloween movies to watch as a family

  1. ‘Bitelchús’ : it is a classic at this time, a hilarious film by Tim Burton from 1988 that tells the story of a couple of ghosts who return home after the accident that caused their death, but there already lives a new family. To get their home back, they ask a vacilon ghost to scare off the current owners.
  2. ‘Zombie Camp’ – 2013 film in which two very naughty brothers pose as monitors at a summer camp and inadvertently cast a spell that will bring an old zombie story to life.
  3. ‘Casper’ : it is undoubtedly one of the typical Halloween children’s films, an unmissable classic that never goes out of style despite being from 1995. It is an animated film that tells the story of a doctor who specializes in ghosts and is hired so that he is free of the spirits of a mansion, but his daughter befriends one of them.
  4. ‘Coco’ : it is a 2017 film that has become essential, being also the inspiration for numerous costumes, one of those stories that leaves a mark and that you have to see several times. Set on Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a boy with the soul of a musician crosses into the spirit world to meet his ancestors and understand the reason for his family’s history.
  5. ‘Hotel Transylvania’ : This animation saga is perfect for children as it tells the adventures of a terrifyingly adorable family that has a hotel run by the father of the family, who is none other than Dracula.
  6. ‘The Island of Monsters’ – A teenager discovers that he is not human during a Halloween party, realizing that he is actually a monster that terrorizes everyone. The search for its origins will lead you to a remote island full of monstrous difficulties.
  7. ‘Corpse Bride’ : This animated film by Tim Burton is a story set in the 19th century that shows Victor, a young man about to get married and who is infatuated by a corpse bride, who takes him to the underworld.

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