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7 Mexican airlines that stopped flying

The transition of airlines to take off from Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) continues. An example of this is Aeroméxico, which this week reported that at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). while the routes from the AIFA are incremental.

However, there is a list of airlines that did not reach the AIFA runway and that probably did not even imagine that this air terminal would exist, since its extinction dates back several years.

The green light to provide flights from Mexico has been extinguished for these airlines.

Aero California

This airline based in La Paz, Baja California Sur, went out of operations after the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) determined that the company did not present proof of payment for its operations from December 2005 to April 2008.

In 2006, the company also had a suspension of operations, because the SCT pointed out that it did not guarantee safety standards for its employees and passengers.


New Aeronautical Group, made up of Mexicana de Aviación, MexicanaClick and MexicanaLink airlines, totally suspended its operations in 2010.

The action was taken due to the lack of agreements with its workers, the lack of effectiveness in the precautionary measures issued by the commercial bankruptcy judge and the fact that several of its suppliers demanded payment in advance.

On August 21, 2010, it was announced that Tenedora K acquired 95% of Grupo Mexicana, leaving the remaining 5% in the hands of the Pilots Union.

Despite the operation, the New Aeronautical Group began to have problems in the frequency of its flights due to financial problems.

International Airlines

This company started operations in 1994 and despite the fact that its name could make one think that it attended international flights, it was not like that, in fact it never flew outside of Mexican territory.

The permit to use Mexican airspace for this airline was withdrawn in 2003 by the SCT, since it did not comply with safety regulations.


By 2007 this was the third largest airline in the country; however, the descent to extinction lasted only two years. In 2009, the SCT suspended the line due to maintenance irregularities, then Aviacsa obtained an injunction to continue operating, but a month later the SCT suspended the company’s activities again due to the debts that it presented.

Soul of Mexico

The parade of the aircraft of this company, which is officially called Mesoamerican Airlines, lasted only two years. It began operations in 2006; however, the lack of investment led it to declare bankruptcy and enter bankruptcy in 2008.

Azteca Airlines

In 2007, the SCT suspended the operations of the national airline Líneas Aéreas Azteca due to deficiencies in its security processes and financial problems. As reported by the agency at the time, the airline that had been operating since June 2001 in Mexico was going through a serious financial situation, its short-term liabilities exceeded its assets and its cash flows were not enough to pay its debts.

inter jet

In 2020, Interjet workers went on strike due to non-payment of wages and benefits, the scenario eventually led to a request for commercial bankruptcy promoted by the airline workers’ union.

In November 2021, Interjet announced its intentions to resume operations by 2022 with a fleet of 10 aircraft; however, it still doesn’t happen.

Volaris has been affected on 29 routes due to the downgrading to Category 2

The airline has allocated the newly incorporated aircraft to the domestic and Central American market, given the impossibility of adding them to its routes to the United States.

#Chronicle: What is it like to fly at AIFA six months after its opening?

Although the AIFA constitutes a functional alternative to flying from the State of Mexico or Hidalgo, there is still a large gap for it to become an option that relieves the saturation of the AICM.

Aeromexico reports profit for the first time since the pandemic began

During the third quarter of the year, the airline registered 21,401 million pesos in income, which left a net profit of 210.8 million pesos.

The reduction of operations in the AICM for the winter will fall on Aeroméxico

While the 'slots' of some airlines were reduced according to the 15% cut in operations announced in August, others remained unchanged and even increased their schedules.

LAST MINUTE: AFAC changes director with a view to recovering Category 1

At the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, General Miguel Enrique Vallín Osuna was appointed as the new director general of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency.