Fun73% of Spaniards would get a booster vaccine immediately

73% of Spaniards would get a booster vaccine immediately

Although it is not clear that most of the population needs this third dose of the Covid vaccines, 73% of Spaniards would get a booster vaccine immediately , and right now.

This is what the Ipsos study together with the World Economic Forum reveals, and it is that we remember that Spain already has more than 70% of the vaccinated population.

Doubts about the third dose run through Europe, and it seems that the opinion of users would be favorable to receive it. In this study, Spain (73%) is the second European country with people who would inoculate it, only behind the United Kingdom (82%), in stating that if the booster dose were available today they would give it.

Then there are other countries, such as Germany and France, with 70% respectively, Italy would occupy the last place of the European countries analyzed.

Greater need, older

By age, support for this booster dose is greater among the older population (55-74 years), and in Spain, although the trend is the same, there is not much difference by age, finding a strong consensus in all ages: 55 and 74 years, with 78% support, between 35-54, with 73% and below 35 with 68%

First vaccinate all groups

Before receiving the booster vaccine, the world’s population prefers to wait until all groups are fully immunized first.

From the study, the data from Spain stands out, where 74% of its population states that the priority objective is first to immunize and then to reinforce. Behind are the United Kingdom (73%), Germany (71%), Italy (67%) and France (56%).

Will we have to get vaccinated every year?

When asked if we will have to be vaccinated every year to remain immunized against Covid, the study reveals that the vast majority of the population surveyed worldwide believe so.

This agreement is greater among the population over 55 years of age in all the countries analyzed . In Spain this support is greater in the oldest age groups, the difference with the youngest is relative: between 55-74 years (76%), between 35-54 years (70%) and between those under 35 years is 67%.

Although we believe not, it seems to be the country with the greatest support for the annual vaccination against Covid among the young population, something that puts us in an advantageous situation to control this virus compared to other countries where the population under 35 years of age supposes a barrier.

For now, third dose not for everyone

At the moment, both in Europe and in the United States, the third dose is being given to the most vulnerable and those who are at greater risk of contracting a serious disease. Specifically, they are immunocompromised people, who have a reduced ability to fight infections.

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