SportThe anti-vaccines attack Nadal for his chest pains: "Djokovic...

The anti-vaccines attack Nadal for his chest pains: "Djokovic does take care of his life!"

Rafael Nadal ‘s impressive winning streak was brought to a halt in the Indian Wells Masters 1000 final. The American Taylor Fritz beat a Nadal diminished by significant physical discomfort in the chest, defined by the tennis player himself as punctures. This ailment has aroused the rage of anti-vaccines, who have taken the opportunity to criticize Rafa for his vaccination policy and encourage the population to follow in his footsteps.

“All I can say is that it was hard for me to breathe. I don’t know, when I try to breathe, it hurts and it’s very uncomfortable,” Nadal said at the end of the Indian Wells final. “I was in pain, honestly. Like I said, I’m having trouble breathing. I don’t know if it’s something in the ribs , I don’t know yet. When I breathe, when I move, it’s like I have a needle in here all the time. I get a little dizzy because it’s painful. It is a type of pain that limits me a lot. It’s not just about the pain, I don’t feel very well because it affects my breathing, “he completed, visibly upset as he was throughout the match.

Reactions were not long in coming, ranging from calls for karma to disparagement of the reigning Australian Open champion. ” Tennis star Rafael Nadal and promoter of covid vaccines collapses in the Indian Wells final due to chest pain,” it could be read on Twitter, referring to the news of Nadal’s injury. ” The same Nadal who attacked Djokovic for not getting vaccinated… after receiving all the vaccines collapses,” added another user.

Among the most striking, the comments that ‘ explain’ Nadal that they have putgraphene ” in him with the covid vaccines. “These things are not vaccines! Time puts everyone in their place, ”answers another, who is shown to be favorable to vaccines but not to those of the coronavirus, classified as experimental by the catalog of anti-vaccines that are noted on social networks with Rafael Nadal as Diana.

“Djokovic stops playing tournaments and takes care of his life,” says a user who then accuses Nadal. ” Follow the guidelines of the so-called vaccines and see it, risking your life,” he concludes, in line with another character, much more aggressive, who accuses Rafa of consuming ” adrenochrome ” and catalogs the man from Manacor as a “puppet.”

Nadal, tests in Spain

After the defeat in the Indian Wells final, Nadal returned to Spain on Tuesday and is in Barcelona , where the corresponding tests will be carried out to assess the extent of the injury. The Spanish tennis player, who rose to third place in the ATP ranking after his commendable performance in the Californian Masters 1000, will stop for several weeks to prepare for a tour of land where he will start as the great favorite for the titles, as long as the ailment in the chest allows it.




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