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A doctor analyzing the fatalities of Mortal Kombat 11 is my new favorite pastime of the weekend

When it comes to thinking about the most explicit video games with their gore violence, there is no doubt that the most popular of all is the Mortal Kombat saga, although it was not the first extremely violent game as there were several in the 80s.

Today the most shocking and original in terms of fatalities is undoubtedly the recent Mortal Kombat 11, because it is the last and because of that emphasis of NetherRealm Studios when it comes to surprising the player with those visceral attacks. But what would a doctor think if he saw these fatalities in real life?

Well, thanks to the Gamology channel we can dispel that doubt, by having the emergency doctor Jordan Wagner analyzing each of the fatalities of this installment. And the video starts strong, starting with Sonya Blade destroying the elbow of her rival. Wagner himself enjoys it like a dwarf saying that he never saw anything like it in the UFC and that is why he likes Mortal Kombat so much . Noticeable.

Apart from commenting on what parts of the interior of the body are seen, such as the intestines (he emphasizes that “shit” does not come out, because nobody wants to see it in a video game), he continues with a casual tone, as when rejoicing with that skull almost indestructible from Kano to destroy the opponent’s head, making it clear that he enjoys it because it is a video game, not real life. And us, of course.

The party continues with the backbone that starts Sub-Zero and the rest of the cast of this installment, where there is no shortage of those luxury guests who touched the most cinephile fiber: Rambo, Terminator and Robocop . We know the comparisons are hateful to the new Mortal Kombat movie, but we will always have the games. Or those action movie classics with Robocop as the gore.