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Board games that have made the leap to digital format

Board games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment, dating back more than 4,600 years in ancient Mesopotamia, and they remain as popular today as ever. Often the biggest hurdle board game lovers face is gathering enough players in one place. The advent of the internet has made it possible to play with friends near and far from the comfort of home. The last decade has seen an explosion of digital adaptations of board games. Monopoly is a perfect example of a table game that has fully adapted to the digital world, it has even become a popular game in online casino, as this Monopoly Casino review points out. Don’t miss out on the most popular board games that have made the leap into the digital age.


Monopoly is the most popular board game in history, with more than 275 million copies sold worldwide. The American gaming company Parker Brothers acquired all rights to the board game in 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression. Since then, more than 200 different editions have been published, being translated into 37 languages, and it is estimated that more than 500 million people have played at least one game of Monopoly.

Although it is still a common board game in Spanish homes, Monopoly has made the leap to the internet. The Hasbro toy company, which acquired Parker Brothers in 1991, has managed to find its balance in the digital age, partnering with different companies to bring the game to digital platforms and offer children and adults additional play experiences. Hasbro sees digital games as a natural step to take the classic franchise to another level.


The board game Risk was invented in the early 1950s by French film director Albert Lamorisse. The game began to be marketed under the name of La Conquête du Monde (The Conquest of the World). As the name suggests, the goal was to dominate the world, so players clashed with their armies until only one remained. Following the success of the game, the American company Parker Brothers acquired the rights, changed the name to Risk and launched it on the market in 1959.

Today, Risk has established itself as one of the most popular board games of all time. Throughout history, various versions of the game have emerged. Unlike some board games, such as Monopoly, the new versions of Risk often involve significant alterations in the rules of the game. Today, lovers of this classic board game can enjoy games on the computer with the digital version of Risk , known as Risk: Global Domination . Users have the ability to play the basic modes and compete with players from all over the world.

The settlers of Catan

Klaus Teuber changed the world of board games in 1995, when he released The Settlers of Catan. More than two decades later, Catan has sold more than 32 million units, according to figures from the Catan GmbH company, making it one of the best-selling board games of all time. Unlike other table games, the essence of Catan is not in competing, but in collaborating. The objective of the game is to build settlements, cities and roads by obtaining different resources. In order to grow, users need commercial with the rest of the players, so collaboration is important. The first settler to reach 10 victory points wins the game.

Like Monopoly and Risk, Catan has not been left behind and has a digital version, known as Catan Universe , so that lovers of this board game can enjoy games on the computer. Catan Universe allows users to embark on a journey to the Catan universe and compete in matches against players from around the world. The graphics of the title provide a real board game feel on the computer screen.


The Cluedo board game has become a fixture in millions of cabinets around the world. This classic detective game was invented by a British musician named Anthony Pratt, who was looking for a way to spend his long nights trapped inside his Birmingham home due to blackouts from air raids during World War II. For just over 70 years, millions of gamers have donned their detective hats to solve the murder the game proposes.

Who? With what weapon? Where? These are the questions that the players must answer. The game has made the leap from the boards to the computer screen with the release of Clue / Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game in 2018. This digital adaptation of the popular board game allows users to enjoy Cluedo without the need for all players of the table, either alone or with some friends online.

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