LivingA father's fun idea: create a cardboard Tetris for...

A father's fun idea: create a cardboard Tetris for his daughter to play

The pandemic has meant that by having to stay at home with children, many parents have to get creative with activities to make confinement less burdensome for everyone. From crafts to screen-free family activities to theme days, we’ve shared a variety of resources that can make families fun.

But also, there have been many parents who take their creativity to another level, devising and creating fun games for their children, like the father who made a cardboard Tetris for his daughter .

The origin of the video shared on Twitter by Rex Champan, a former basketball player in the NBA is unknown, but it is easy to see why it has gone viral by showing the creation of a father for his daughter: a cardboard Tetris, with pieces and the panel for her to use.

In the 13 seconds that the video lasts, we can see how the little girl takes each piece with her hands and places them on the panel, while her father places new pieces on top, so that they fall from one side and she continues to take them.

In addition to enchanting this idea for being a nice detail from a father to his daughter, playing it this way has many benefits for her, as it exercises her visual-hand coordination and fine motor skills by placing each piece where it belongs.

Via | LevelUp
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